Visual builder for voice assistants’ actions and skills

Build actions for Google Assistant, Alice, Marusya, and the group of Salute assistants

Aimylogic. Actions

Sber Salyut
Google Assistant

Build AI-powered actions and skills for voice assistants

Create quick prototypes of voice assistant actions. No need to code
Test your actions right in the browser. You don't need special equipment
Publish actions and skills to all Aimylogic assistants

Powerful and easy-to use visual builder

Create complex scenarios
without coding
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Use any cloud or office PBX
Train the skill to understand natural language through intents
Save data into variables for future use in scenarios
Use external systems to process the collected data
Test the skill and improve the scenario right away

Powerful and easy-to use visual builder

Create complex scenarios without coding
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Publish your actions and skills straight to Google Assistant, Alice, Marusya, and the group of Salute assistants

Single builder for all voice assistants

Gift your action a superpower —

ability to understand natural language and learn!

Understands natural language

Intents allow actions and skills to make sense of an issue. They identify the customer's problem and respond according to the scenario logic. The Aimylogic-developed action is trained to recognize greetings, goodbyes, consent and rejection, gratitude and even curses. Just insert the block you want into the scenario

Trained through examples

Machine Learning algorithms allow actions to constantly improve by learning real phrases. Add your own intents - examples of phrases that the skill should refer to. Machine learning will do the rest!

Knows your products and terminology

Enter the names into the "Directory". The action will learn to recognize your products, and provide clients with information (prices, features) upon request

Make each interaction more human and get higher retention

Teach your skill to catch data like names, cities, preferences by adding system & custom intents. This will make each interaction human-like and engaging.
Wanna get my own back
in the Memory game!
Sure you are, Sandra! The last score is three-nil! Ready for the new challenge?
This time I will give you six pairs of numbers. You gotta memorize the numbers and the sequence? Got it?
The skill can react according to the current context. So if the dialog concerns tourism but the context is "restaurants" the skill won't mix "Turkey" and "turkey".

Human-like dialogs

Mind the context



last visits

multiple choice

All dialogs in one place.
Aimylogic stores all actions interactions. Learn more about how users master the action and what attracts them the most. Identify when users stop interacting with the action and fix problem areas to make the action more useful

Find insights in each dialog

And it's all for free

Use Aimylogic for free! Select a special Skill Master plan and get unlimited intents and 20,000 unique users per month


What can you create in Aimylogic?
You can build bots for the most popular text-based communication channels, for incoming and outgoing calls, and skills for voice assistants.
Are there any additional payments?
You only pay for what you use. We have separate plans for chatbots and smart calls. You can also purchase additional minutes of telephony, speech synthesis and speech recognition for each plan. There is a free trial period for the first 14 days after registration. You can read more about plans here.
How do I build a bot?
To create a chatbot, register with Aimylogic and follow the instructions.
Who do I contact for assistance?
We have a very cozy chat on Telegram туториалы , with new tutorials.
The knowledg base is always at the ready, while the specialists in the support chat will help you solve the most difficult business cases.
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