Automate customer communication with our easy-to-use builder

No-code chatbot for Instagram DMs

Handles most queries in messages and comments
Responds like a human and is in touch 24/7/365
Relieves customer service

When is the best time for Aimylogic to step in?

We know how important it is to not miss a single message. A chatbot can solve this problem, as it sees all incoming messages, answers them, and transfers the conversation to a human only when necessary. As for small businesses, it can completely replace the support department.
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The page is getting popular and you get a lot of DMs
Информирование клиентов
If you don't have an in-house developer, that's not a problem. Aimylogic clients create chatbots in a handy builder that doesn't require any coding skills. All you need to do is write a script for the bot's responses and publish it on Instagram.
You need a chatbot, but you don’t have devs resources
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Customers can get really frustrated and even refuse to buy products when the chatbot doesn't understand their questions and gives wrong answers. Our chatbot is AI-powered, so it recognizes speech perfectly, helps customers and responds humanly.
You’re looking for a chatbot that doesn't scare away customers
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You can create a chatbot and test it for free within the Developer plan. It offers all the features of the builder and gives 100 free users/month. The plan is open-ended: you will have time to learn, run different scripts and improve them.
You want to implement a chatbot without huge investments

What can a chatbot do for your business?

  • A chatbot is always in touch. It works 24/7, including holidays and weekends, responds to all messages and comments.
  • A chatbot guides  users through all the steps: from the first DM to the checkout. Answers quickly, politely, and to the point.
  • Employees no longer have to answer repetitive questions. They'll be able to focus on complex cases, not a routine.
  • Increase the conversion rate of Instagram DMs into sales. People are more likely to make a purchase decision if the process is completely transparent.
  • Only you decide how the chatbot communicates on behalf of your brand. You can create perfect scripts, even if you are doing it for the first time.
  • Connect Aimylogic to your CRM to sync your customer bases. The chatbot will be able to send personalized DMs.

Aimylogic is simple and flexible

Create chatbot scripts without a line of code
Receive data from CRM systems and external systems
Use ready-to-use intents to recognize your customers' speech
Launch your chatbot in a few clicks
Powerful and easy-to-use visual builder
Test bots and improve scripts immediately
Use external systems to process the collected data
Save data into variables for future use in scenarios
Train a chatbot to understand natural speech with intents

Aimylogic is simple and flexible

Create complex scenarios without coding
Create complex scenarios without coding
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Публикуйте вашего бота в Jivo в несколько кликов
Launch your chatbot in a few clicks

Instagram chatbot is the best choice for

A chatbot can answer questions about products, order terms, and delivery. It can also close a sale or share locations of offline stores.
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Информирование клиентов
A chatbot can promote your products among new followers, conduct surveys, and inform about special offers.
Educational courses
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A chatbot can provide 24/7/365 communication with your audience. Moreover, it can run a contest and announce winners, as well as communicate with advertisers.
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A chatbot can automate Instagram workflows. Best suited for businesses where Instagram is one of the main sales channels.
Any business

Get 100 unique users per month for free

Activate our free ‘Developer’ plan and use it as long as you need it.
All features of the chatbot builder, API integration, and 100 unique users per month are already included. Whenever you need more features, just switch to another plan convenient for you.

Why Aimylogic?

Aimylogic chatbot builder is based on CAILA. This is our Natural Language Understanding Service (NLU), which has Artificial Intelligence embedded in it. Thanks to CAILA, chatbots understand users' messages and their reactions.
You don't need to spend time creating a new chatbot to add a virtual assistant to another social media or a website. You can connect a ready-made chatbot to all available channels. No extra charges required.
Aimylogic Help Center is available in the documentation. If you have any questions about setting up the chatbot, don’t hesitate to contact support chat.
Since 2017, companies have been using Aimylogic to create voice and text bots for chat and telephony. Our clients share their Success Stories, explaining why they chose Just AI and how chatbots solve their business challenges.
Proprietary NLU technology
One chatbot for multiple channels
Easy to start
Aimylogic has 70,000 active clients

How to create a chatbot with Aimylogic

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