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Build conversational bots for outbound call campaigns

The conversational bot calls up to 6,000 customers per hour, informs them about new offers, understands their response, and carries on with the dialog according to your script. Sign up and get 100 minutes free

Aimylogic. Outbound call bots

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Outbound call bots
Outbound call bots are conversational bots for outbound call campaigns that can call up to 6,000 customers per hour.

Outbound call bots understand customers' natural language, answer their questions, work with objections and can use CRM data in a conversation.

Outbound call bots ring up clients using an uploaded contact list or automatically based on CRM events. Outbound call bots support integration with CRMs via API.

Outbound call bots send the confirmation SMS and, if necessary, transfer the call to the agent.

What is Aimylogic Outbound call bots?

What is Aimylogic Outbound call bots?

Popular use cases

  • Reactivate customers
  • Sell to “warmed up” leads
  • Upsell to existing customers
Customer support
  • Collect meter data 
  • Remind about the next payment 
  • Schedule appointment
  • Confirm order 
  • Schedule delivery 
  • Notify about package arrival
  • Qualify job candidates 
  • Schedule interview
Debt management
  • Notify about debts 
  • Remind about the next payment
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Audience research
  • Opinion polls

Try for free

After signing up, you get 100 minutes free.
Enough to call about 200 contacts

Benefits of Aimylogic Outbound call bots

AI voice bots understand natural language, answer questions and process objections
Convinces the customers to buy the product or try the service
Won’t let your customers miss the appointment or forget about the booking
Quickly conducts surveys and collects reviews
Collects all the necessary information for delivery
Stays calm, yet strict when interacting with debtors
Attracts more customers to physical stores

Powerful and easy-to-use visual builder

Create basic call scripts without coding
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Connect telephony via SIP
Train Smart outbound calls to understand natural language through intents
Save data into variables for future use in scenarios
Use external systems to process the collected data
Test Smart outbound calls and improve the scenario right away
Powerful and easy-to-use visual builder

Powerful and easy-to-use visual builder

Create basic call scripts without coding
Create basic call scripts without coding
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Use ready-to-go intents or create your own
Connect telephony via SIP
Process data in external systems via webhooks and API
Используйте нашу телефонию или подключите собственную через SIP
Connect telephony via SIP

Gift your outbound call bots a superpower

ability to understand natural language and learn!

Understands natural language

Intents allow Outbound call bots to make sense of an issue. They identify the customer's problem and respond according to the script logic. The Aimylogic-developed Outbound call bots are trained to recognize greetings, goodbyes, consent and rejection, gratitude and even curses. Just insert the block you want into the script
Understands natural language

Train the bot yourself

Machine Learning algorithms allow bots to constantly improve by learning real dialogue phrases. Add your own intents - examples of phrases that the Outbound call bots should refer to. Machine learning will do the rest!
Train the bot yourself

Aimylogic plans and pricing

FAQs about Outbound call bots

What types of call campaigns are there?
The most common types of call campaigns are:
  • Calling potential customers to inform them about a new offer. Usually, such calls end up being transferred to an agent with the subsequent conclusion of a deal.

  • Warm calling to inform about a new product or new service. The call is then transferred to the agent for a further transaction. 

  • Automated calls to confirm details, such as those of delivery. Calling to remind customers of an upcoming event, appointment or next payment.
Should there be call campaigns targeting existing or lost customers?
Based on the experience of Aimylogic customers, calling existing and lost customers is definitely worth it! The Dodo Pizza case is a great example of how Smart Calls helped win 5,000 customers back.
How is an automated call campaign different from mass calls?
Mass calls are one-time calls to a large number of subscribers. Usually, these are single calls made at a pre-selected contact base to tell potential customers about new products or services.

Automated calls are the ones that are made following some significant event in CRM. For example, if a customer left a request for delivery, the automated calls bot will receive information from CRM and call the client to clarify and confirm the information. If the information is incorrect, the bot will be able to change it in the CRM.

In a nutshell, automated calls are continuous and are stretched out in time, because they depend on CRM events, while mass calls are usually carried out once at a given contact base.
How to launch automated calls to customers based on the CRM event?
To automatically call customers based on the CRM event, two conditions must be met:
  1. Integrate Aimylogic into the business logic of your CRM. This can be done using native integration with Bitrix24, if you are using Bitrix24 as your CRM, or using the API. Here is the instruction for the Calls API
  2. Create an automated call script that will use data from CRM (name, order number, date, time, and so on) and record the data that the client dictates to the customer card in CRM.
What is the difference between a robocall, an outbound IVR and phone bots?
These are all synonyms. 

Robocalls are no different from outbound IVR or phone bots used for calling. All of these types of calls use voice synthesis or pre-recorded messages. They are all automated and have the same goal, which is to deliver specific information to customers, be it a new product or service, or order confirmation.
Can a bot manage incoming calls?

With Aimylogic, you can design a Smart IVR that will accept every incoming call, understand the natural language, answer customers’ questions and transfer the calls to the agents.
What do I get after choosing the plan?
You can create an unlimited number of call scripts. Your voice bots will understand customers, engage in dialogues and save the outcome results.
Are there any extra payments other than the plan itself?
Not. You only pay for what you use. We do not charge for creating an account and do not require you to top it up to activate calls.
When does billing start?
Tariffication starts from the first second the customer picks up the phone, and is charged every 15 seconds of a call.
What do I do if I run out of minutes?
You can buy a package of minutes right in the next call settings window. Or just go to Settings - Pricing - For calls and select the option you want.
Is the number of contacts limited?
There are no limits. However, keep in mind that it will take more minutes for a larger contact database.
Who do I contact if I have any questions?
The knowledge base is always at hand, while our specialists in the support chat will help you solve the most difficult business case
I also need chatbots. Where do I find rates for those?
BUSINESS plans include all the Aimylogic features. You can build chatbots or voice assistants for any channel, be it website, messenger, social media or Google Assistant. Choose the plan that suits you best at aimylogic.com/price
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