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Dodo Pizza, the fastest growing Pizza delivery chain in the world, developed a voice bot for outbound calls to collect feedback and improve service quality. The voice bot named Tanya also offers a promotional code for a discount.

Within the first three months, more than 26,000 customers agreed to receive a promotional code through SMS, and over 5,500 customers made a repeat purchase using the promo code. With this campaign, Dodo Pizza generated $80,000 of additional revenue.

Channel: smart calls

Dodo Pizza: how to replace an outsourced call center with a robot and win 5,500 clients back

Dodo Pizza
smart calls
The non-profit waste sorting project supported by IKEA released a chatbot that helps people sort waste properly and practice a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Since its launch, the chatbot has helped over 3,500 people to answer their questions about waste sorting and recycling.

Rules of Sorting has also automated answers to repetitive questions like:
- Can I recycle this?
- Where is the nearest recycling station?
- Do I need to remove the lid?

Channel: VK

Rules of Sorting: eco-educational chatbot answers recycling FAQs

Pravila Deleniya
ViP Play, a movie streaming platform by Viasat, has developed a chatbot to help customers choose a plan, manage their subscription, install the Vip Play app on their TV, and find movies.

Within a year, the chatbot has served over 2,600 users.

The chatbot's success enabled ViP Play to partially replace the outsourced call center and increase the customer satisfaction rate.

Channels: Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and VK

Vip Play: how to replace an outsourced call center with a chatbot and teach it to search for movies

Aimylogic's partner “Smart Solutions” has implemented Smart IVR that receives and processes incoming calls 24/7, collects leads, updates CRM and assigns a specialist to the lead.

The agent bot has significantly stepped up process efficiency over the several months of work. The Smart IVR successfully processes 200 daily requests - five times more than that of a human agent.

The cost of Smart IVR is twice lower. The company spends on Smart IVR half of what it spends on a human agent.

Channel: incoming telephony, Smart IVR

Agent bot has halved the costs and fivevold increased productivity

smart IVR
partner’s case
Smart Solutions

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