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How to replace a call center with an Aimylogic-built bot and win 5,000 customers back

Dodo Pizza case study

Dodo Pizza
Dodo Pizza
The fastest-growing Pizza delivery chain in the world
Find a cost-effective way to win back customers who have not made a single order in the last six months
Dodo Pizza franchisees used call centers to reach a multi-thousand contact base.
Although it was effective, it was rather costly. Eventually, when the in-house call center was shut down, regional teams were faced with a choice: to look for a new call center and train agents themselves or find an alternative solution.
Due to the high costs of call center services, franchisees could only afford calling 1,000-3,000 clients a month. Then the Dodo Pizza team in the Russian city of Sergiyev Posad built its own voice bot with Aimylogic, named Tanya.
Evgeny Khrustalev,
the Dodo Pizza Sergiyev Posad co-owner
“The idea to create a voice bot came up when I was listening to questions asked by tired-sounding agents as part of call center quality assurance. I thought to myself: ‘They sound like robots.’ And then it was just a matter of technology. Since I'm not so much of a software developer myself, the Aimylogic visual-builder user interface came in handy."
The voice bot called up 150,000 people in 24 cities within two months; helped win over 5,000 customers back and cut the customer contact cost by three times.
Tanya brought back 5,664 customers who made 8,000 orders worth $80,000 of additional revenue
Case study details
The call campaign’s target audience was customers who did not place orders for the last 6 months. The company developed a call script voiced by a Dodo Pizza employee.
Tanya collects feedback to improve the restaurant’s service quality and offers a discount promotional code. More than 26,000 people agreed to receive the code via SMS, and more than 5,000 became Dodo Pizza customers again.
The average contact cost is 5 cents against 14 cents in a call center
The average cost of a retained customer is $1.2, and the cost of an order is $0.9
The average cost of a retained customer is $1.2
over 150,000 customers
26,000 SMS with promotional codes
The contact base includes over 150,000 customers
More than 26,000 SMS with promotional codes have been sent out
5,664 retained customers have made 8,000 orders worth $80,000
8,000 orders worth $80,000
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