How to replace agents with a Smart IVR and process up to 5 times more requests

Metrology IVR case study

Customer: Metrology service center
Metrology service center operates in the Russian city of Kazan and provides residents with services of calibrating and replacing water meters.
Contractor: Aimylogic’s partner — Smart Solutions
Smart Solutions
If an apartment or house is connected to the centralized water supply system with installed water meters, the residents by law are required to calibrate these devices. Hot water meters are verified and calibrated every four years, cold ones — every six years.

To do that, the residents of Kazan turned to the Metrology service call center. The agents entered the metering data into the table, notified the engineers via SMS or WhatsApp, after which, the engineers called back the customers and agreed on the time of the visit. It was taking ages to process each application. Besides, the specialist could not fill out a verification protocol on the spot, and all metering data were kept in written form.
Alexander Filippov, the Smart Solutions technical director
«Another problem was the reviews about the company. Customers complained about rude call center agents.».
To provide a solution for automating the metering calibration, implement a voice assistant, set up a PBX, and optimize the existing business processes.
Factors reducing work efficiency:
Untimely application processing by the agent and metering specialist;
Impossible to fill out verification protocol on the spot;
Inapt customer requests;
The metering data is kept in written form.
Smart Solutions, a certified partner of Aimylogic, automated the application processing via Bitrix24 and Smart IVR. The Smart Solutions team built an Aimylogic-ran Smart IVR script that collects all applications and sends metering data to the regulatory authority. The PBX is connected to Bitrix24 and Smart IVR is connected to the incoming telephony channel.
Alexander Filippov, the Smart Solutions technical director
«We spent a lot of time studying the conversations. The script was built in such a way that a customer could choose between "yes / no," or named a concrete number. As the customer could not be distracted and whine to the bot about life, a high-quality conversation processing was achieved. However, we continue to humanize the assistant so that it understands accents, dialects and reasks questions when the customer does not understand something.».
Smart IVR processes five times more requests per day, and it costs half the monthly salary of the agent.
the bot processes up to five times more requests per day,
the cost of a smart assistant is twice lower than the agent’s monthly salary,
controls service lifecycle,
automates protocols
stores the metering calibration data in a unified system that facilitates and speeds up the search and simplifies the documentation.
Case study details
When a Kazan resident needs to verify or replace water meters, they call the service center. The customers’ phone number is then recognized by the virtual assistant, who designates an engineer, and a text copy of the conversation is attached to the application in Bitrix24.

The engineer in the chosen geographical area receives a notification on the app, and after calibrating the meters, fills out the form on the spot.

Based on the entered data, the system automatically generates a certificate number and protocol, and sends the metering data to the registrar of the federal regulatory body.
Детали кейса
The cost of a smart assistant is twice lower than the agent’s monthly salary
The agent processed 35-50 applications per day, while Smart IVR processes over 200.
Стоимость робота
Продуктивность робота
Generation of regulatory documents is automated. The parameters are calculated by the bot, after which it generates a PDF document and attaches it to the application
The entire service lifecycle is transparent and under control.
Оформление регламентирующих документов автоматизировано
Цикл оказания услуги
What’s next
Metrology is planning to introduce automated calls to customers two weeks prior to the next metering calibration date and integrate a database of Q&As into the bot. The company also intends to set up a rating of its specialists.

Smart Solutions is planning to go beyond Kazan and extend the smart solution to the whole of Tatarstan.
Планы исполнителя
Alexander Filippov, the Smart Solutions technical director
«Metrology processes a maximum of 10,000-12,000 applications per month. Tatarstan’s monopolist in the metering calibration services, Tatenergosbyt, processes about a million requests. We want to enter this market with our Aimylogic-powered smart scripts. Moscow has long passed the stage of automation of housing and communal services, and we want to do the same in our region.».
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