How Aimylogic helps eco-educate the people of St. Petersburg

Rules of Sorting case study

«Rules of Sorting»
Правила Деления
The Rules of Sorting is an IKEA- and MEGA-backed recycling project that promotes conscious consumption and a sustainable lifestyle
To make people aware of waste sorting and help them start living sustainable lifestyles
Over the past few years, the project set up its own waste sorting centers at MEGA Dybenko and MEGA Parnas shopping malls in St. Petersburg.

It also launched a series of talks and created a VK group to discuss conscious consumption and environment-related issues.
Помочь разобраться в маркировке отходов
Alexander Stradyshev, the Rules of Sorting project manager,
MEGA Parnas

«While working on the project, we realized that part of the reason why the environmental projects were unpopular in Russia was due to the lack of eco-education. Very few people know that there are seven types of plastic and that only some of them are recyclable, or that car glass and lamps can be recycled. Besides, people don't know how and where to dispose of the waste. We received such questions as to whether this or that product was eligible for recycling, or whether the labels should be removed from bottles all the time. We wanted to make sure that anyone could get instant answers to their questions about waste sorting.»
Due to the huge amount of messages on VK, it was decided to automate the response. The Rules of Sorting team developed an Aimylogic-powered chatbot that answers all FAQs.
The chatbot on average processes about 30 messages from 10-15 people per day. It once assisted as many as 500 people in a day.
The Aimylogic-developed bot has processed over 3,500 requests from unique users since the launch of the chatbot.
Case study details
The chatbot was developed in several stages. First, there was a waste sorting table with all possible descriptions and processing information. The scripts were written directly in the visual builder. Thanks to the artificial intelligence "embedded" in Aimylogic, the scripts were developed in about a week. The bot was then programmed to receive information from users. Finally, the marketing agency helped finalize the wordings, logo and easy-to-recognize labels.

What's next
The Rules of Sorting is planning to build its own virtual assistant that can recognize waste labeling from a photo.
Детали кейса
More than 70 tonnes of recyclable waste was collected at the Rules of Sorting centers in August 2020
One person annually produces 400 kilograms of waste, 80% of which is recyclable
Более 70 тонн вторсырья собрали на эко-станциях
400 килограммов мусора производит один человек ежегодно
3,757 inquiries about labeling and waste recycling have already been processed by the Aimylogic bot
21,000 people joined the Rules of Sorting VK group
3 757 запросов о маркировке
21 000 участников в группе «Правил Деления» «ВКонтакте»
The bot can recognize 8 most common waste types
бот может распознать 8 наиболее распространенных фракций отходов
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