How to replace an outsourced call center with a chatbot and train it to search for movies

ViP Play case study

ViP Play streaming service
ViP Play subscription offers thousands of new and popular movies, TV shows, documentaries and live sporting events.


To find a cost-effective way to manage user requests
The inquiries by ViP Play subscribers used to be handled by an outsourced call center. Agents would oftentimes forget about the corporate communication style, while impolite responses led to negative reviews and loss of customers. There was no unified platform for tracking and analyzing user requests.
Сложные тикеты долго закрывались
Bogdan Burkovskiy, the product manager at Viasat Global
"I was horrified as I analyzed the work of the call center and so I decided to act. I immediately thought of a chatbot as a possible solution, the one that automatically answers questions, independently solves simple problems, such as registration, payment, canceling subscriptions, etc. We wanted to streamline communication with users: to be able to view message history in one place and instantly connect to any conversation. And another important thing is detailed analytics of user requests


It was decided to reactivate in-house communication with users. The ViP Play team built an Aimylogic-powered chatbot that promptly informs users about technical issues, helps to create an account or cancel subscription. Chatbot is also CRM-friendly and generates leads with the help of the movie search feature.
Конструктор Aimylogic
Bogdan Burkovskiy
«We spent a lot of time studying demo versions of different visual builders, but almost none of them met the requirements and did not support the required features. Having tried the demo version of Aimylogic, I was very pleasantly surprised by its abilities and decided to create a bot with it».


The chatbot works on VK, Telegram and Facebook and helps 200-250 users per month.
The Aimylogic-backed chatbot processed more than 2,600 requests from unique users over the year.

Case study details

The team outlined the most common user problems and developed simple Q&A scripts. FAQs include payment methods, app download, subscription and unsubscription, how to watch movies on Smart TV and how to download apps to Smart TV.

The chatbot was programmed to respond to queries depending on the type of subscription and device. The next step was to connect to messengers, transfer data to Google Sheets, Google Analytics, CRM, test the bot and place links to it in the ViP Play app. It took over a week.
Чат-бота запрограммировали реагировать на текст и кнопки
The first test was conducted in the VK group. Following the success, the ViP Play team decided to leave the bot on a permanent basis. The chatbot now recommends popular movies, searches for films and TV series by name, or offers a random movie. Such features have earned great popularity among users.

What's next
ViP Play is planning to add a subscription option to the chatbot and embed the bot directly into the app.

В дальнейшем в ViP Play планируют добавить в чат-бота функцию покупки подписки
In 50% of cases, the agent has all the necessary information about the problem before speaking to the user and immediately comes up with a solution
In 70% of inquiries transferred to the agent, technical information (device, OS, problem) is collected automatically
В 50% случаев оператор видит всю необходимую информацию
техническая информация собирается автоматически
58% of inquiries to the chatbot are a question or a problem
36% of requests are about finding a movie

200-250 messages per month. Bot performance is at the level of that of a call center
Обращения в чатбота
работоспособность бота на уровне колл-центра

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