Build AI-powered chatbots and design skills for Alexa and Assistant seamlessly

Aimylogic is a full-stack platform for developing truly smart AI-systems. Artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and machine learning in one friendly interface.
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AI chatbots that are truly helpful
With Aimylogic you build, train and deploy conversational chatbots for sales, support, helpdesk or HR tasks.

NLU core and machine learning engine are inside. Simply use your knowledge about customers recurrent questions to train your bot how to communicate with customers and be helpful.

AI-powered chatbots identify intents, hold the context of a conversation, use webhooks to proceed transactions and communicate personally.
Available 24/7
Collaboration with human agents
Customer journey and conversion tracking
Human-like conversation in natural language
Why chatbots built with Aimylogic are smarter
They deal with natural language, not commands or button clicks
Whether it is slang, misspelling or complex phrases, your chatbot is ready to assist. It recognizes the context, catches the intent and maintain the dialogue. Instead of dumb chain of clicks, your customers get on-the-fly answers.
They undertake over 80% of recurrent questions
Get rid of routine and transfer all recurrent requests to a chatbot. With natural language understanding it'll identify the request type, evaluate answer options and choose the appropriate solution.
They speak your business language and know product names
Make your chatbot familiar with your products names by adding entities lists. Your chatbot will certainly know that "superlatuccino" is available.
They are bound to perform personalized service
Using webhooks you can connect a chatbot with CRM, billing or HRIS, so to provide a machine with better knowledge about customers or employees' needs and previous actions.
They train themselves and help your support team
Machine learning algorithms give your AI bot an ability to learn using examples. Add a new example of phrase, and your chatbot will learn to recognize it along with close meaning. In advisory mode chatbots work as tutors for employees.
Start from one touchpoint and then simply scale
your AI assistant
multichannel conversational chatbots
Use Aimylogic to launch voice and text skills for smart assistants and hubs
Teach Google Home to assist your customers and employees
Creating a voice or text NLU skill is similar to building a chatbot. With Google or Amazon speech recognition and Aimylogic NLU core you adapt smart hubs to your business needs.

Customers will soon get used to booking, ordering, shopping via smart speakers. Be among the first to provide them with oustanding support.
How to build a truly helpful AI chatbot
Switch on AI power
Type in some real examples of phrases that your customers or employees use. NLU core will learn from them. AI chatbot will recognize those phrases and those with close meaning.
Add buttons and forms when needed
NLU is great, but convenience is better. Examine how do customers intract with your bot. Add all elements for fastest communication — buttons, pictures, links.
Teach your bot to extract and retain data
Use variables to mark data for retainment. All that you need to form an order can be extracted and sent to CRM, as well as backway. AI chatbot can catch various data from one request in natural language.
Let your chatbot adapt to user's reactions
Conversations are not linear. Add different reactions so that your chatbot could choose the appropriate way to help the customer.
Aimylogic features at a glance.
Try them now
NLU + Machine Learning
AI chatbot is able to handle complex requests and support conversation. It is being trained on examples.
Friendly syntax
When it is crucial to frame your chatbot's answer, use regular expressions.
Bot + Human support
Seamlessly transfer customers' requests to a live agent and provide outstanding customer support.
API and webhooks
With API access and webhooks your chatbot will perform transactions and check customer CRM-profile.
Entities extraction
Use system dictionaries like Names, Countries, Numbers or add your own like product names and types.
"Trees" of reactions
Cover various reactions to customer's answers so to provide appropriate personal support.
Analytics dashboard
Check AI chatbot's performance, find weak spots and train the machine to reply better.
Multi- and Omnichannel
No need to rebuild your chatbot. Simply scale it to a new touchpoint like messaging app or web.
Start with one AI chatbot. It's free
One chatbot for one touchpoint
  • One texting chatbot in one touchpoint
    (Google Assistant, web, app)
  • Natural Language Understanding engine
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Webhooks and HTTP-queries
  • Named entities adding
  • Uploading of your named entities lists (soon)
  • Building a FAQ bot from your knowledge base (soon)
  • Shallow analytics (soon)
Try now
Monthly fee starts from 100$
  • All platforms, multiple chatbots including voice
  • Natural Language Understanding engine
  • Machine Learning algorithms
  • Webhooks и HTTP-queries
  • Uploading of your named entities lists (soon)
  • No limitations in knowledge base sections (soon)
  • Rich statistics and analytics dashboard
  • Add human support (live chat operator)
  • Access to logs (all customers' dialogues with chatbot)
  • Chatbot's training using logs
  • Advisory mode (AI-bot is helping your support team)
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