Even without code they'll be magnificent!
Aimylogic is your easiest way to design winning skills for Alexa and Google Assistant
Smart speakers are a treasure trove for skills designers
It's a brand-new niche with no leaders detected
They're among the most desired gadgets in every home
The hype around voice skills is a great chance to push forward
69% skills may be abandoned after launched (according to VoiceLabs 2017)
7 of 10 VUI developers are facing the "zombie skills" hurdle
Poor skill analytics
Users are getting bored fast
Non-engaging story

Weak UX
Adapt famous games for voice or create a workplace skill from scratch
Create rich conversational experiences for logic games, engage users into hilarious party games or amplify workplace tasks managing.
Don't think of creating another Jeopardy! Any story is possible with Aimylogic.
Party Games
Workplace tasks
Skills for business
Kids' games
Aimylogic pushes your skills forward
Aimylogic is tailored to design engaging conversational experiences. With Aimylogic you easily adopt VUI principles and build a compelling game or educational skill that will never bore users.
How does Amylogic make your projects superior?
It prompts you to build better UX with visual flow editor
It is perfect for non-linear stories and dialogues
It provides detailed analytics to enhance your skill
It helps make your skill personalized and retentive
Experience zen while designing with visual flow builder
Aimylogic gives you a clear vision of the whole skill, no chaos in users' phrases management, each stage is easy to fix. Step by step you're creating a neat and consistent experience.
Once you build a skill, you can test it right in Aimylogic!
Make your voice skills streets ahead of dull "yes-no" dialogs
Non-linear stories
With Conditions your skill is able to adapt to user's answer. Make your story unpredictable by adding multiple choices and twists.
Enjoy multiplatform workflow and fast skill launch
Export your skills directly to Alexa or Google Assistant as well as to messaging apps. First you build the scenario, second you test it in real time and then Aimylogic will run it on multiple platforms after the skill has passed the certification.
Wanna get my own back
in Memory game!
Human-like dialogs
Teach your skill to catch data like names, cities, preferences by adding system & custom entities. This will make each interaction human-like and engaging.
Mind the context
The skill can react according to the current context. So if the dialog concerns tourism but the context is "restaurants" the skill won't mix "Turkey" and "turkey".
Sure you are, Sandra! Last score is three-nil! Ready for the new challenge?
This time I give you six pairs of numbers. You got to memorize the numbers and the sequence? Got it?
Make each interaction more human and get higher retention
Remember names
Catch preferences
Remember last visits
Offer multiple choice
Get inspired by users' behavior
Rich portrayal of user behavior
Track users' paths, reveal weak points of the VUI, see what caused churns. Use facts to advance your skill's performance.
Keep control of your skill's retention, see MAU and invocations' volume in time. SOON: insights from users' intents.
Retention in dynamics
Get insights from each interaction
All interactions revealed
Aimylogic stores all interactions with skills. Find out more about how users get engaged into the skill and what attracts them most. Get more insights from the churns and fix your story's trouble spots.
Earn with in-skill payments
When building a compelling user experience it is easier to earn money from selling premium content or unlocked features.
Earn from offering extra functionality and custom features
Create and monetize premium content for your skill
Offer multi-user access or other ways to enrich UX
Voice is great but you should think ahead. With Aimylogic you're able to immerse users in your scenario. Various voices, sounds, images, buttons, interactive elements can be implemented.
Create rich voice and visual experiences with ease
Aimylogic is absolutely free while in open beta
No fees or limits. All tools and features are available for free. Discover Aimylogic and build conversational worlds to engage and earn more.
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